Smile & Profile Advanced

Smile & Profile Advanced
: 22 Years
Type: Clinic

Smile & Profile Advanced is a super-specialty dental clinic, part of Eastern India’s largest chain of multispeciality dental clinics, Smile & Profile Dental Treatment Centre Pvt. Ltd. The clinic is located in a strategically located area in South Kolkata and merges world-class dental and oral healthcare services with hospitality. It boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern, high-end treatment facilities related to dentistry and oral health. With five separate doctor chambers, each equipped with advanced equipment and materials, and an operation theatre for minor dental and oral surgeries, Smile & Profile Advanced is the go-to destination for advanced and updated dental treatments in Eastern India.

SMILE & PROFILE ADVANCED is the newest addition to Eastern India’s largest chain of Multispeciality Dental Clinics, boasting a unique and state-of-the-art Super-Speciality Dental Clinic. With beautiful interiors and modern treatments related to Dentistry and Oral Health, this clinic merges world-class healthcare with hospitality. With nearly 4000sq.ft. of space, Smile & Profile Advanced has 5 advanced Doctors’ Chambers and an Operation Theatre for minor dental and oral surgeries. As the only private Dental Clinic in Eastern India with an Operation Theatre facility, Smile & Profile Advanced offers exclusive services and high-end treatments for Dental & Oral Healthcare.





Prosthodontics & Implantology

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Laser Dentistry


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