Dr. Lal Path Labs Panchasayar

: 21 Years
Type: Clinic

Book Your Diagnostic Tests with Ease at Dr. Lal Path Labs Panchasayar

Dr. Lal Path Labs Panchasayar is a diagnostic laboratory located in Panchasayar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It is part of the larger network of Dr. Lal Path Labs, which is a leading diagnostic chain in India.

The laboratory is located in the Panchasayar area of Kolkata, which is a rapidly developing residential and commercial locality in the southeastern part of the city. It is easily accessible by public transport and is situated in a convenient location for people residing in and around the area.

Dr. Lal Path Labs Panchasayar has a team of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals, including pathologists, radiologists, and technicians, who work together to provide accurate and reliable diagnostic services to their patients. They use advanced technology and equipment to ensure that their tests are conducted with precision and efficiency.

The laboratory offers a wide range of diagnostic tests and services, including routine blood tests like CBC, lipid profile, and blood sugar tests, as well as more specialized tests like thyroid function tests, HIV tests, and cancer markers. They also offer imaging services like X-rays, ultrasounds, and CT scans, as well as specialized tests like genetic testing and allergy testing.

Dr. Lal Path Labs Panchasayar is committed to providing their patients with high-quality services at affordable prices. They have a transparent pricing policy and do not charge any additional fees or hidden charges. They also offer various packages and discounts to make their services more accessible to everyone.

In addition to its laboratory services, Dr. Lal Path Labs Panchasayar also provides various health-related information and resources on its website and mobile app. They have a team of medical professionals who regularly publish articles and blogs on various health topics to educate and inform their patients.


Laboratory NameAddressPhone Number
Dr. Lal Path Labs Panchasayar
1116, Pancha Sayar Rd, near mouchak more, Chak Garia, Pancha Sayar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700094 
078902 25153

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